Bev and I got married at 10:30 in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving in 2005. We were married at our Village town hall by the Village Justice. It was an absolutely beautiful day, but really cold! We still got lucky with bright sunshine!

So its the Friday after Thanksgiving, and My Mom and Dad were down for the Holiday, and we decided we would get married. It wasn't that impromptu, but it was only about a week or so earlier that we figured we'd get hitched. We went to the county clerk and got our license, which wasn't really hard to do. Matter of fact, the hardest part was digging up our orignal birth certificates. Then we went to the store to pick out a wedding ring for Bev, and called the Village justice to see if they would (or even could) marry us.

They were thrilled to do the ceremony, and even opened up the Village Hall for us (it was closed on account of the holiday).

We called my brother and sister-in-law to see if they could come on such short notice. Thankfully, they were able to (though my sister-in-law had to take a few hours off from work), and that piece of our wedding puzzle fell into place. Since we planned this whole thing on such short notice, we asked Steven to stand in as the best person for both Bev and I. So everything was set. The only thing we couldn't count on was the weather. It's snowed here the last few winters, but thankfully we were in luck this year.

Judge Melissa Greenberger (our Village justice) was wonderful! I thought she would do just a standard "dearly beloved..." ceremony but she prepared a very nice ceremony just for us. What surprised us even more was that My Mom and Dad, Bev, my son Steven, Me, my Sister-In-Law Dawn, My brother Jim, and their son Jacobshe even brought out her official robes!

So that's our story! After the cermony, we all went to brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. Of course, since everything in my life involves a story or a complication, on the way to brunch, my parents thought we were going to a different restaurant. We went one way, my folks, another. By the time they figured it out, and showed up at the restaurant where we had gathered, we had decided it was too crowded. So we ended up back at the restaurant my folks had gone to in the first place.