Bev and I are animal people. We're not psychos who surround ourselves with all sorts of exotic animals from the four corners of the earth. No. Nothing that exciting, or cruel. Neither do we put the lives of animals before people. We do, however believe animals deserve respect, kindness, and care when appropriate. That being said, we have both, throughout our lives, rescued many animals. It's not a "mission", just something that we do when presented with the opportunity.

Personally, I think it's something everyone should do. OK...strive to do. We (people) live here, but we don't own where we live. We share this place with all the other living things around us. It is only arrogant and pompous to assume that we have the right to take, destroy, plunder and lay waste to the place that gives us life. We must, must give back as much as we take. This means all living things, starting with the less fortunate people around us. The sick, the poor, the suffering, the old, the down-and-out. You get what I mean. As for how, and what Bev and I do in that regard, that will remain between us and our Maker. Make no mistake, if you look hard enough you'll see that we are quite flawed, and quite ordinary. We're just people, trying to get by, trying to help out whenever we can. Nothing more. I'm definitely not preaching, I'm jes sayin'.

These are the stories of how we came to have rescued some of our current pets. In most of the cases, we've been fortunate in that the little ones have not only survived, but thrived. Sadly, in a few cases they (and we) were not so lucky. We gave thrm the best and most comfortable lives they could have had. That being said, we have no regrets. Even though their lives were short, we wouldn't have changed a thing. We didn't know they were doomed from birth...but then again, I guess we all are, no? Every life begins and ends, its just the middle part that's the mystery.

In case anyone is wondering, we have every cat we capture neutered, and brought up to date on any shots or other medical attention they might need.

If you'd like to see many more pictures of our pets (they are adorable) click here.