This page is dedicated to my Mother and Father, who have both passed away. My Mom passed in December 2009, my dad in May 2010. I wrote this page long before my parents passed, and recently debated on what to do with it. Since it is a glimpse into happier times with my family, I will leave the contents of the page basically intact as a reminder of our joyful trip to my parents house. I hope you enjoy it. We love and miss you Mom and Dad!

Bev and I, and my son, Steven went up to see my Mom and Dad in their new home in Pennsylvania in October, 2006. They have a really nice home, with alot, and I mean alot of land. We left on a Friday night, at about 7:30 from Long Island, and made it up to their place by about 12:30 in the morning. We hit alot of traffic crossing the George Washing Bridge, and again at the Delware Water Gap tolls.

My folks bought a pretty large house, much larger than the one they lived in most of their lives (and all of my childhood). It's on an expansive piece of land as well. The only odd thing is the Mom in their kitchen lack of trees in the neighborhood. Well, not really a lack of trees, just alot more open land than I expected to see. The house is a brand new, one level ranch. A far cry from their New England style cape on Long Island. The house is beautiful both inside and out. It's a very quiet neighborhood and its dark, pitch black dark at night.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to the smell of pancakes and sausages. The thing about my folks is that they have always had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I mean "sit-down at the table" style. They hold to that traditional lifestyle, and its nice to see. My Dad's parents were the same, and the PA home reminds me of my grandparents' in upsate NY. After breakfast, we took a spin around their town, and checked out the local scene. The front of my folk's house, my car is in the driveway It's a small town, but not so small that they don't have all the basics - supermarkets, church, auto parts store, and of course, a Buffalo Farm. We stopped into the Buffallo Shoppe, and picked up some fresh buffalo meat. The folks were friendly, and the farm quite charming. Matter of fact, the whole town was charming.