Bev & Steve

A few years ago, we asked our landlord to renovate our bedroom closets. They were floor-to-ceiling closets, ran the width of the bedroom, and had huge, heavy doors, that kept falling down under their own weight. So the landlord came in, boxed out the closet frame and put in those slider doors you get from Home Depot. It looks nice, and the doors certainly stay in place.

While they were taking a break from renovating, I poked around to see how it was going. I had no idea I would uncover a ghost...of sorts. I came upon a photographic negative wedged under the floorboards. Using our scanner I turned the negative into a picture, the picture you see on the left.

Bev and I have spent a a bit of time trying to figure out who this might be, or what is the story behind the photo. Who is he? Whose headstone is that? Did he, or his family live in our apartment at one time? We imagine he and his family walking the same floors we walk. The floorboards creaking in the same places. Cooking in our kitchen. Ghosts from the past.

From the clothes and the haircut, and the date on the headstone, we guess this was taken in 1979 or later, but not much. The headstone seems somewhat possibly a year had passed. Who knows.