While we were visiting my folks in Pennsylvania, we discovered the Buffalo Shoppe, which is near where my Mom and Dad live. I shouldn't say we discovered it, since my folks knew about it and took us there. But for us, it was a discovery. We happen to love buffalo, but its hard to find here on the Island, and we mostly get frozen burgers from Trader Joes.

At the Buffalo Shoppe they raise buffalo, and sell the fresh buffalo meat. They sell home made ice cream, local honey, and all natural maple syrup (which we bought, but haven't tried yet). They also sell gift certificates, gift baskets, "authentic buffalo robes", t-shirts, some children's clothes, and a few other, interesting, but not particularly expensive items. The shop is quaint, family owned, and the food we bought was fresh and delicious. The Shoppe sells beef on the price list, but we didn't buy any - only because we just didn't have the room to store it. At the time when we were there, and I created this page, I didn't know if the beef was "...fresh from the farm or if they were re-sellers". Ginger, of the Buffallo Shoppe, recently sent me an email to set the record straight, which I am more than happy to do. Ginger writes, "We are NOT "resellers" - we raise everything here on the farm - beef included and product is always fresh".

My folks stop there from time - to - time to pick up some Click for larger imagegoodness for themselves, and a care package or two for us. The food has always been fresh and tasty, and my parents, who can be just a bit finicky, keep going back. So, if you happen to find yourself up that way, heading North on Route 191, when you get about a half a mile or so north of Hamlin Corners, stop in at the Buffalo Shoppe, and treat yourself to some outstanding and fresh food. Say hi to Ginger, and the folks out there too. You cannot pass up the fresh maple syrup, so if they have some, make sure you try it out.

Pardon me for a moment, while I step up on my soap-box. *Ahem* Whenever you have the chance, please give the small business owner, the farmer, the shop keeper as much business as you can muster. Its those folks, who put their backs, and hearts, and lives, for generations, into the things they sell, that are the corner-stone of this country. Big, shiney, faceless number-crunching corporations can try to tell us that they are the future. They are not. We are...we all are. So, support your local business folks, make a difference. *Ahem* off my soap box, thanks for listening.

We ended up getting buffalo hotdogs, short ribs, and a buffalo london broil for making in the crock-pot. We've already had the buffalo hotdogs and they were delicious. Very filling, and much more like a brat than a hotdog. The flavor was out of this world though, and as I understand it very low fat. Fantastic! According to their brochure, 110 grams of cooked, lean buffalo meat has only 2.42 grams of fat as compared to same amount of beef which has 9.28 grams of fat.

While we were there, I took some video with our Cannon Elf digital camera. I had a chance to chat with the shop keeper, who gave a short background about the farm. According to the young lady we spoke with, the farm has been in the family for generations. I had posted images of their price lists on this page, but I can't keep them current, so I took it down. Their prices are fair, and the product is great. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself at the Buffalo Shoppe!