Bev sent me this video way back in 1997, when we'd first met online. She was hosting an MSN chat room with the nickname "Darklady". No idea why, and honestly, I still don't know. She told me she did the news, and I didn't even know what to make of that. First time I went to visit her in Spokane, I was cooking dinner for us at Bev's house, with the news on in the kitchen. It was kind of surreal watching her do the news, knowing she'd be home in about 20 minutes for dinner.

NEW!!! This next clip is of a 1988 5'oclock news show from WDSU in New Orleans. Bev found this clip by searching the web, and came across a posting by an old friend who put up the video. What your seeing is one of the first shows where WDSU tried to differentiate the 5'oclock news from the 6'oclock show. I must say, Bev's presence on the camera is charasmatic and professional. She is an outstanding newscaster, and of course, award winning. The clip is approx. 30 min., so watch as much of it as you like. I did not embed a short and long version, but simply the whole thing. This makes it easier to stream, and for you to choose how much to watch.

Below is Christine Clayburg, who in 1998, was doing the weather for KHQ, and was kind of starting out in broadcasting. While I was visiting Bev in Spokane, Christine hurt her knee pretty bad in a skiing accident. She was hurting, stuck at home, and had no one to pick up her meds. Being a good samaritan, I went with this guy John, who was new at KHQ, and had just moved to Spokane from Alaska. We got rediculously lost in Spokane, during a snowstorm, no less, but finally...finally managed to get Christine her meds. Christine remains very active in television. Click the image to see her appearence on Desperate Houswives from October 8, 2006. Christine is the reporter on the television.