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If you'd like to know more about Bev and me, please visit our About Us page.

This is a dynamic site that is a work in progress. Sometimes I have spurts of activity on the site, and then there are long periods where I don't touch it.

Almost 15 years to the day that we moved from WA to NY, we moved back from NY to WA. Since we flew this time, we don't have the video like we had in 1999, but we made it here safe and sound. Praise God! Visit our 1999 CrossCountry page

For the most part, I've hand coded the HTML, java scripts, and CSS on this page. The widgets, and contact page scripts were obtained from 3rd parties. I'll be modifying/adding to the menu to try and keep things fresh and relevant.

I've recently updated this page to migrate away from frames to make the site easier to load and convert to a mobile version. Check us out on your mobile device, the mobile site is really cool. I've also taken advantage of Youtube's functionality to embed video into the site. This should work on almost all platforms.

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The following site is a great resource for sifting through all the BS politicians sling